Annette Bergman Kuti is a self-taught artist currently residing in Topeka, Kansas.  Growing up in a small town near the Kansas-Nebraska border, Annette's love of art began early in life, but her creative aspirations were squashed by a failing grade in high school art class.  She briefly considered a teaching career in the performing arts, but ultimately chose a less conventional and labyrinthine path to her artistic desires by way of the administrative and familial arts.  After years of being victimized by a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, Annette eventually discovered her passion and talent for painting after a few too many glasses of wine at a BYOB painting class in late 2013.


Annette loves to travel and experience the perfection of The Universe in all its forms.  She draws inspiration from the spirits of nature - trees and sunrises are of particular influence.  Annette feels her purpose in life is to recreate the quiet beauty of natural spaces in scenes that convey the serenity of being truly present and embracing the organic flow of creativity.  

Annette works primarily in oils and acrylics. 


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